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Why using raffles?

Build Customer Loyalty

Keep customers coming back with raffles - an excellent way to build a long-lasting relationships.

Create Urgency

Use FOMO by giving end dates to your raffles, make your customers avoid postponing the purchase.

Gamify Your Store

Make buying experience more fun and exciting, instead of "boring" sales.

How does it work?

Set rules for getting a ticket to the raffle
Create any kind of discount code as a prize
Use our widgets in the store to spread the word
Increase AOV and get more SALES

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$ 9
Per Month
  • Up to 3 raffles per month
  • Rules-based raffles
  • Email notifications/Klaviyo integration
  • Choose winner manually/automatically
  • Multiple tickets to the same customer
  • Email support


$ 19
Per Month
  • Unlimited raffles
  • Rules-based raffles
  • Email notifications/Klaviyo integration
  • Choose winner manually/automatically
  • Multiple tickets to the same customer
  • Custom installation
  • Priority Email support


It means that the customer will have to purchase in your store to get a ticket. This is different from “regular” raffles, where customers need to tag/comment on social media posts or purchase a ticket.

The idea of purchase-based raffles is to reward the clients who actually buy in your store and increase their AOV (Average Order Value) higher.

When you set up a new raffle, you will choose from 2 types of raffles:

  1. Products Raffle

  2. Order Value Raffle

Products Raffle:

This type of raffle allows you to choose specific products that grant a ticket to your raffle if being purchased.

(Best for promoting a specific product/collection)

Order Value Raffle:

This type of raffle allows you to grant a ticket to customers who purchase higher the specific price you choose.

(Best for increasing AOV)

With our Pine Raffle widget, of course 😎

The widget will be showing your clients their ticket eligibility status based on the products in their cart.

If the raffle is an Order Value raffle, the customers will also see the balance left to get a ticket and join the raffle. That’s a great way to increase AOV!

Of course, you can easily modify the texts and colors without needing to code, straight from our widget tab in the app.

Your customer will get an email (which you can easily design in the app ) saying they participate in the specific raffle.

The prize is in the form of a discount code, which can be customized any way you like, just like creating a discount on the Shopify Admin. Decide the amount, availability dates, and which products will be applied to.

You can choose one from 3 types of discount codes:

  • Fixed Amount
  • Percentage Discount
  • Free Shipping

The winner will get an email with the discount code.

The winner will get an E-mail featuring a specific discount code that valid only to the winner’s Email address.

When creating a raffle, you’ll choose a start and an end date.

From the day it starts, clients will receive tickets, and the widgets will be live.

The app will run the raffle draw on the end date, and you’ll be able to see the winner’s name and the discount code sent to him.

Yes, you can end the raffle whenever you like, and a winner will be announced on the winner’s page in the app.
The winner’s email will be sent straight away to the winner.

Order Value Raffle:

In order value raffles, there are no specific products that grant a ticket when being purchased. The ticket is based on the order value.

Products Raffle:

After installing our app widgets, which appear on the “Instructions” page in the app, the client will see the “Raffle” label on products that are part of the raffle: And the ticket widget within the product page itself:
Screenshot -Raffle

No, you can run only one raffle at a time.

If you don’t want to use our built-in email system, you can use our integration with klaviyo.

Copy and paste your Public API key to our app under notifications.

You will then have a list of customers who participate in the raffle and a list featuring the winner. 
Use those lists as triggers in any flow you want to send with Klaviyo.

The winner’s discount code can be implemented in the Email. For more details, visit our Support page tutorials.


What's all the hype about?

Purchase based raffles
Purchase Based Raffles

Forget about another social media share/tag-based raffle. Instead, reward the Profitable customers with raffle tickets.

Increase AOV Instantly

Get more sales NOW when your customers add products/increase order value willing to join the raffle!

Control Illusttration
Smart Customization

Customize the raffle the way you like: Dates, prizes, raffle type, Email design, and a lot more.

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